10 Low Cost Ways to Fix Up Your Home for FSBO

10 Low Cost Ways to Fix Up Your Home for FSBO

You could be thinking, “Is there a way to self my house privately?” The answer is “Yes!” FSBO or For Sale By Owner is exactly what it is; you sell your home privately without the need of real estate agent representation. Many people have opted for FSBO with great success. In fact, it is becoming the predominant approach to selling properties in the US, the UK and Australia.

The real estate market is not just made up of buyers and sellers. There are other factions; those who have diverse and more specific interests for investing in real estate.

You have investors who buy homes to lease out; they generate recurring income while waiting for the right time to sell the property. Then you have the hard core speculators who view property from an entirely different filter. They see value where other buyers don’t.

The bottom- line is to make your home sellable. That should be your number one priority. It should be your first course of action even before setting up an account at a FSBO site or actively marketing your property online.

Buyers have their own criteria for beauty and have their way of interpreting value. People who visit your home will process the entire experience differently. It is useless to stress out about what everyone will think because you can never please everyone. Each one has their own taste, peculiarities and nuances when it comes to buying homes.

You should only focus on what you can do based on your capabilities and budget. FSBO is all about maximizing net returns on your property. You will save 2% to 3% on real estate agent fees plus have more control over marketing and promotional expenses.

Don’t spend more than what you have to when it comes to fixing up your home. You may be surprised that you may not have to do much to get your property moving in the market.

Here are 10 low cost ways to fix up your home is you plan to go FSBO:

1. Clean up the exterior and spruce up the lawn

Buyers heighten their senses when they visit a home. They can spot details such as clogged gutters and signs of potential water build up. If you have a garage door, make sure it opens and closes without technical issue. Trim the lawn, clear out the leaves and make the flower bed and plants stand out.

2. Get that door bell to stand out

When a buyer visits your home, believe it or not, one of the first points of contact is the door bell. A dirty looking doorbell or one that appears busted up will be an immediate red flag. Worse, is one that doesn’t ring! Have it replaced right away.

3. Fix up entrance points

Doors are another focal point on a house. Aside from the usual clean up, check the hinges and make sure these open smoothly without creaking. If you have a screen in the back door, check these don’t have holes on them.

4. Clean up the flooring

Buyers always look at the quality and type of flooring you have. Keep in mind that one of the first things buyers do is wipe their shoes on the welcome mat. Their eyes will be fixed on your flooring from the get-go. If your floor is carpeted, make sure there are no visible stains.

5. Be conscious of unwanted scents

As the homeowner you could be immune to the scents and odors of your home. But buyers are not. Before an open house or a buyer’s site visit, air out your home. Use air filters and find the right scent. Perhaps bake bread and brew coffee. Check for molds and mildew growth and have these removed right away.

6. Remove unsightly blemishes

Whenever you see a stain on the carpet or upholstery what thoughts go through your mind? Whatever they are, they can’t be flattering! Have these unsightly blemishes removed by a specialist as soon as you can. Some treatments take more than 24 hours.

7. Clear out your stuff

Buyers who visit homes try to envision how it would like when it becomes their home. Seeing your personal items on tables, ledges and around the house, will discourage buyers from doing this. It may even make them feel they are encroaching on your property. Clear out your stuff and keep the spaces wide open.

8. Fix up cabinets and drawers

You don’t have to buy new cabinets and new drawers for the kitchen and the rooms. But you have to fix hinges and check if the tracks are still aligned. It is a definite turn off for buyers if they see cabinets falling apart.

9. Clean up appliances

Aside from removing pictures, magnets and delivery flyers on the refrigerator door, clean up all the appliances. Get them to look clean and shiny as if they were good as new. The kitchen is the most popular place in the house. Take extra measures in having this area cleaned out.

10. Add some sparkle to the finishes

Again you don’t have to buy new fixtures such as faucets and door knobs but make sure these are cleaned well and shiny. Put some sparkle on them. These are small details that create a big impression on buyers.

It would be advisable to hire a general cleaning company to ensure your home gets the proper clean up job. It would just be a one- time expense and it would definitely make tidying up easier if your house remains in the market for months.

This is especially true if you have carpets and drapes. Buyers running off a staccato of sneezing are never a good sign! Remember that buyers would want to view your home at different times or days. The less you have to do to prepare for the visit, the less stressful the experience.

A nice looking home would also look more enticing in pictures. You will need attractive images for your FSBO and social media accounts.

Going FSBO is a smart way of selling your home privately. You get more value for your property and you can give it more attention than a real estate agent who has other clients to attend to.



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